On-Shore USD and USDC Custodial Accounts Connected To Major Global Trade Hubs Via API


On-Shore USD and USDC Custodial Accounts Connected To Major Global Trade Hubs Via API


The lack of access to USD and USD-rails has made it hard for the Sub-Saharan African fintechs to participate in the $530B USD a year Sub-Saharan African import trade.


  • the jurisdiction risk of the African geography,

  • Import/export trade deficit

  • fragmented nature of payment rails across the continent,

  • low level of financial inclusion at banking level,

  • harsh capital controls imposed by numerous African states

  • the volatility of African fiat currencies


of all payments going out of Africa are denominated in USD.
of all payments going out of Africa are cleared by a US Bank inside the US.
of all payments cleared by a US Bank are routed to a jurisdiction other than the US.
drop in foreign correspondent banking relationships across various regions of Sub-Saharan Africa between 2013-2017, indicating a trend for consolidation.

Source: SWIFT Whitepaper 2017, Africa Payments: Insights into African transaction flows


Keyrails is a global trade centric, API-Based banking platform for Sub-Saharan African Fintechs

We provide, on-shore custodial USD accounts as well as API powered modern financial services to Sub-Saharan African fintechs and their importer customers to enable them to competitively participate in the global trade.

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Keyrails Proprietary 5- Layer Onboarding Framework enables SubSaharan African fintechs to be onboarded by our partner banks with high approval rates in 2-6 Weeks, instead of today’s average 6-9 Months.


Keyrails OTC is a stablecoin-only OTC desk that is seamlessly connected to Keyrails Core Banking. You can tokenize and redeem USDC 24/7 using Keyrails API and Keyrails Banking Platform..

Core Banking

Keyrails Core Banking offers 4 types of on-shore USD accounts with different features and for different use cases optimized for the needs of Sub-Saharan African Fintechs. All 4 accounts are simultaneously accessible via Keyrails API.

Compliant Connectivity

Keyrails Compliant Connectivity is a global trade optimized value-add services marketplace comprised of various financial service companies to run seamless and compliant financial operations.


Keyrails Core Banking offers an on-shore, ACH-enabled, stablecoin native, USD Custodial Account optimized for the needs of Sub-Saharan African Fintechs and their customers.


Multiple Banking Partners With Varying Risk Appetites

A single API to access all KeyRails banking partners to countermand possible limitations or derisking by one of them

Local Rails

Access To Local Banking Rails Domestic Wires & ACH

Manage local US banking rails easily and seamlessly with Keyrails API and built-in webhooks

Onboarding Speed

2-6 Weeks Onboarding Time Thanks To Our Framework

Average onboarding due diligence time for Medium/High Risk FIs in the US is 6-9 Months

Fund Safety

USD & USDC Funds are held by US Trusts & Federal Banks

Custody of funds in USD & USDC custodial accounts are held by federally chartered banks and qualified custodians.

Licence Coverage

Ability To Onboard US & non-US Citizens & Businesses

Keyrails provides a fast, cost-effective and compliant way to expand to the US

API Access

Access To All KeyRails Services Via KeyRails API

From account opening to settlements, tokenization and redemption every Keyrails service can be accessed via our API


A modern financial services marketplace for global trade


◎AfricaConnect is designed to help African fintechs to directly access on-shore USD rails & custody, onboard their customers and run financial operations in the US without any further licensing requirements.


◎ChinaConnect is an ultra-fast payments rail to China, seamlessly solving common issues such as compliance and the long settlement times due to the intense scrutiny of each payment by US banks.


Keyrails is not just a solution. We will be with you every step of the way to make sure that you are building the right solution for you and your customers using our platform.

Multi-Bank Redundancy

Complicated financial markets of today require complex solutions which usually cannot be offered by a single bank. Keyrails works with multiple banks not only to solve this issue but to eliminate problems, such as derisking or bank failure, arising due to the single point of failure nature of working with only one bank.

Ultra Fast Onboarding

At the heart of our compliance infrastructure lies our proprietary risk assessment software, Fortify360, that we designed and built to risk score our clients’ flow of funds. Fortify360 is the main force behind our ability to onboard high-risk clients to multiple banking partners in record time (a few weeks).

Superior Technology

We have built the most seamless and unique orchestration between the custody of USD, USDC as well as local currencies and modern rails by abstracting away complex compliance requirements, counterparty risk, cut-off time scheduling in different time zones and FX slippage.

Customized Solutions

Besides core banking, we offer a wide range of use-case specific value-add services in our Compliant Connectivity Program that are seamlessly connected to Keyrails API and Keyrails Wallet to meet your business needs and offer you the best possible customized solution.

For any further questions please contact us at


Keyrails is co-founded by Rajpal Khangura CAMS – CCI, a compliance professional with 15+ years of experience in high-risk regulatory compliance, anti-money laundering, risk management and financial services and Berhan Kongel, a serial entrepreneur with 15+ years experience in entrepreneurship, product, operations, regulatory compliance, cross-border payments, settlements and banking.

Over the past 15+ years we have worked for numerous financial institutions and built almost a dozen companies ourselves.

15+ Years Experience 15+ Years Experience
15+ Years Experience 15+ Years Experience

Rajpal Khangura



Background: Fraud, Compliance, AML, Risk Mngm. Payments, Digital Assets, Financial Services

Experience: 15+ Years

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Berhan Kongel


Background: Product Mngm, Ops, Compliance, Risk Mngm, X-Border Payments, Banking, Ex-Daimler, Former Co-Founder of Arf

Experience: 15+ Years

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Keyrails Inc, incorporation number 2025041027, is a registered company in Canada with a registered address of 1100 – 717 7th Ave SW, Calgary, AB, T2P 0Z3. Keyrails Inc is a registered Money Service Business (M23573916), regulated by the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC). Custody, exchanges and licensing coverage are provided by Keyrails Inc regulated partner banks, financial institutions and trusts.